Take your infrastructure management to the next level with intelligent and innovative platforms

Bring meaning to your data and make your operation safer and more efficient through intelligent data management

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Infrastructure management specialist

Platforms that help manage utilities, enhancing the management of air conditioning, fans, electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems, among others that make up an infrastructure.

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Integration between different ecosystems

Agnostic solutions that connect a variety of different equipment, devices and sites in a single environment in a simple and intuitive way.

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Data standardization and organization

Solutions designed to optimize and support system scalability.

What do you deal with?


Oxyn G5

Platform for Operational Management - Oxyn G5

Platform for operational management and analysis, which provides ready-made tools for quick diagnoses, contributing to more objective actions in an easy-to-view format.

Oxyn BI

Results Management Platform - Oxyn BI

Platform to make results tangible, which provides ready-made KPIs with reliable information for quick diagnoses, contributing to strategic business analysis in an easy-to-view format

Measurable and auditable results

Transparency and credibility through verifiable evidence.

Objective decision-making

Decision-making based on tangible and relevant data, which helps to identify what can be adjusted.

Operational efficiency

Continuous improvement, where processes are constantly refined to increase operational efficiency.

About Oxyn

Oxyn is specialist in building solutions for infrastructure management through platforms that help manage utilities, boosting the management of air conditioning, fans, electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems, among others that make up an infrastructure.

Oxyn is the technological hub of the entire Microblau ecosystem, promoting intelligent and innovative solutions.

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Knowledge of the infrastructure(s) and understanding of needs

Alignment meeting between the team of experts and the client to recognize opportunities.

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Implementation of the ideal technology for the scenario

Application of ideal solutions

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Training teams to use the platforms

Training and raising the level of teams

Boost your infrastructure management quickly and predictively

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